A2M Gets Sierra WET

by Nick Breckon, Aug 21, 2007 9:45am PDT
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Sierra and developer Artificial Mind and Movement (A2M) today announced WET, a third-person, single-player action title starring a Lara Croftian character named Rubi. Using a combination of firearms and katanas, Rubi will utilize moves such as the "taint-splitter," a special attack ending with a groin-slicing slash. Displaying flashy back-flips and acrobatic moves, IGN refers to the character as "Prince of Persia, but with the body of a goddess."

Get the Flash Player to see this player. Download the HD WET trailer on FileShack. WET's code is a mere 10% feature complete, as the project itself has only been under development for a year and a half with a relatively small team. According to executive producer Andre Emerson, the character of Rubi grew out of the game concept, although much of the discussion has revolved around the groin-slashing "vixen." "She's kind of the girl next story, but in more of a polluted, dirty way," said Emerson in a Game Informer interview. "She's a no-nonsense, kick-ass chick, instead of a snobbish, high-society heroine. She's the kind of girl who you'd definitely find watching a football game with you and questioning the calls of the referee. She's cracking open a PBR with you and screaming at the television on why it was a bad call. "Rubi deals with shady people who may feel uncomfortable doing the job--she can do those jobs for you. Sort of like in Pulp Fiction--the Wolf," continued Emerson. In explaining the team's philosophy, Emerson and producer John Blane dropped several references to television and film, such as directors Tarantino, Rodriguez, and Eastwood, as well as the John McClane character from the Die Hard series of movies.


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  • Keep in mind that Andre Emerson was the producer at Namco behind Dead to Rights and Dead to Rights 2. He promised the moon and then we ended up with ... Dead to Rights, a hackneyed, overly cliched poorly executed shooter. I knew a few fellow devs who rode that dead end train for the 1st DTR, bad situation. Luckily they got off before the 2nd one. Now while the developer has changed, and I'm sure A2M has good intentions, I'm not sure how he suckered them into letting him lead. He helped drive Namco US' internal dev teams into the ground. I expect his cliched touch will help lead this game down the wrong path. They must have been desperate to break out of the cartoon license for kids ghetto, but this game just feels so desperate. And the fact that the cinematic footage is obviously pre-renderd with no in-game, in-engine footage says it all. Expect this game to sink (or stink) slowly upon release. Sorry to A2M but this game is like the ugly girl (or guy) in high school jumping up and down for attention screaming "please like me."

  • Kudos to whoever did the trailer. It's very well done, no doubt.

    That said, this Ruby gal sounds like such an awful, silly character watered down for maximum mainstream "appeal". I guess that would be fine if it was clear they weren't taking themselves too seriously, but when they shove it down your throat and try to pass her off as anything other than a Lara clone the whole thing becomes laughable.

    "She's the kind of girl who you'd definitely find watching a football game with you and questioning the calls of the referee." For crying out loud, how is that not a stupidly generic concept straight out of the female action hero mold?