BioShock PC Demo Released

By Steve Gibson, Aug 20, 2007 2:04pm PDT The BioShock PC demo is now available for download on FileShack. Here is your thread to anticipate things and things. Firstly, it's been made very clear that you are going to need the latest NVidia or ATI drivers for your videocard. So here are the links that you will need :

With the help of Limelight Networks we will be pushing some pretty massive bandwidth for Mercury members for the demo. Feel free to grab a download accelerator if you are a Mercury member. The Quicksilver servers support them and the BioShock demo will be available there.

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  • I don't know... this seems like quite an over-hyped game to me, just like Oblivion was. Bioshock seems like Deus Ex 2 but with a stupid setting (underwater wannabe utopia, okay, fine, but zombies, gene-sucking girls, and other monsters and shit... riiight) and too much focus on graphics. Sure, bling is can be cool, but I think the level designers just tried too hard to fill up every square metre with loads of objects, different textures, varying lighting and colour, and other special effects. I got a headache playing the demo level.

    I mean, really, what's so special about this game? Okay, if you do manage to dig the setting, what else? It's just a Deus Ex rip-off, but without an awesome non-linear story and without character interaction. Oh, and that Atlas guy who contacts you with some microphone and tells you what to do: that's so freaking over-used.

    If it weren't for the year-long, hype-building marketing campaign, I think the general population would be able to see past the "zomg grapfix". I'm amazed (and sort of appalled) that this game's rated so highly on (at least on the 360). It doesn't come close to Deus Ex (1) and Half-Life 2, in my opinion. I even think Far Cry is cooler.

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    • having not played the game yet (thanks steam), I won't disagree. everything it does has been done before but it looks like there's enough variety that you can alternate to avoid getting bored

      there's also taking in the atmosphere. i am skeptical about the transition from utopia to dystopia - the enemies don't seem like they fit because the "plasmids make people crazy" back story appears to be a thin device to enable things to run amok, and the big daddy, little sister thing, i don't know who imagined that, it's weird. but still, if you suspend disbelief the environment is kind of cool as are the effects which haven't been seen in a game before

      i am a little disappointed that they watered down the horror aspect for the kiddies with enemies pretty much announcing themselves and never startle scaring but still it looks like it's pretty fun for what it is. undying is my favorite fps and half that game is full of filler content and stuff that doesn't work; but it's still a great game, with some incredible levels (the haunting in the mansion is what water and decay is in bioshock), lots of enemies, good pacing, well done combat with some unique features (view getting knocked when hit, and a spell system like system shock and bioshock). i hope bioshock is nearly as good. hopefully steam activates soon :/