Lineage Creator Using CryEngine 2 for Next MMO

XMLGames, the company founded by former NCSoft executive and Lineage designer Jake Song, has licensed Crytek's CryEngine 2 for use in its new MMORPG. Song sung the engine's praises in a release today, highlighting the reasons behind the choice.

"We previously had a lot of success using their ground breaking CryENGINE 1 technology while at NCSoft for AION," explained Song. "After seeing what it could do in the early previews of Crysis, we just knew we wanted to continue to work with their great new tools and engine.

"Not only are the graphics unquestionably the best available," he continued, "but the unprecedented ability it offers to physically interact with the environment will allow us to create entirely new modes of gameplay which up to now we could only dream of implementing."

An MMORPG with advanced physics? Griefers take note.