BioShock PC Demo Coming Monday August 20th

2K Games has confirmed that the PC demo of Irrational's 2K Boston and Australia's BioShock will be released for download Monday evening around 7pm EST. The company was sure to note that new ATI and Nvidia video card drivers will be released the same day, and should be installed for best performance.

The BioShock demo will be of an impressive 1.84GB in girth that you will be able to eagerly gulp down at FileShack. The demo will also be available on the new FileShack Quicksilver system for Mercury members with support for download accelerators with multiple connections.

In a following update on the company's Cult of Rapture website, BioShock creative lead Ken Levine warned users away from potentially spoiler-filled forum posts and implored users not to post spoilers themselves.

"Please don't ruin other people's experience by revealing secrets in unmarked threads, and if you want to enjoy the game to its fullest, stay away from any threads that might ruin the fun for you," wrote Levine. "With a game like BioShock, it will really make a difference.

Look for a new Shacknews interview with Levine in the coming days.