Condemned Film Guaranteed "Unforgettable"

New details have surfaced on the film inspired by Monolith's creepy-as-all-hell first person shooter Condemned: Criminal Origins (PC, X360).

Titled The Unforgettable, the movie, much like the game it is based on, will tell the tale of a grisly murder investigation. However, as the lead detective on the case is said to discover he's not human and stumble across warring extraterrestrial factions, it remains uncertain just how much more of the game's narrative will carry over.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project, at one point known as Species X, was written by The Shield veteran Kurt Sutter and will be helmed by Cell director Tarsem Singh. Monolith co-founder Jason Hall, who recently formed the HDFilms production company, will produce, alongside David Goyer and Basil Iwanyk.

There is no word yet on a possible film adaptation of the upcoming Condemned 2: Bloodshot (preview), though early reports suggest Monolith's PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 effort could revolutionize the sagging hobo-murdering musical market.