Gearbox's Four-Player Co-Op Sci-Fi Shooter (Updated)

It appears a road warrior influence is in the air; just days after id Software announced Rage, Brothers in Arms developer Gearbox Software has revealed Borderlands, which a Game Informer cover story describes as "Diablo meets Mad Max."

Borderlands, in development for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, is a science fiction RPG/FPS hybrid, with support for up to four cooperative players online. Vehicles are likely to be significantly involved. Few further details are currently available, with Game Informer promoting a Borderlands cover story in its September issue and an official announcement likely coming soon.

Update: Gearbox president Randy Pitchford has emailed Shacknews with confirmation of the game announcement. "We are really excited to finally reveal the game since it's been in top-secret production at Gearbox for so long and because of the unbelievable things the team has accomplished with the game play engineering that will push the genre so far forward," he wrote. "Perhaps I'll stop by the Shacknews forums later today and post a few things and maybe answer a few questions..." nope