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By Steve Gibson, Aug 13, 2007 6:00pm PDT Sup? I imagine given that Microsoft even had a few issues with the BioShock demo delivery on X360 it could get a little nasty for websites when that PC demo hits. Especially if it does before retail.

Lastly, how to milk kids for cash!

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  • Overclocking pros:

    I got an Intel C2D e6750 that can go to 3.5GHz but it isn't stable, it BSOD after 10 minutes using Orthos. But here's the thing, when I go back to 3.4, 3.2, or even 3.0, I get the same result. I've adjusted voltage all up and down the range and get the same result. I've done memtest86 overnight at all 4 speeds listed above and it is stable, so I'm sure it's not my memory. It can't be heat because it is below 55C at 3.5GHz at full load. Nothing is stable except at stock speed. It can't be the motherboard because like I said, any FSB speed above stock should work fine.

    So am I looking at a power supply (OCZ StealthXStream 600w) that can't handle the overclock? How can I be sure it is the power supply that is the issue? Or am I overlooking something?

    Specs of the system are listed here: http://www.shacknews.com/laryn.x?id=14819258#itemanchor_14819258