Updated HD Rage Footage

By Steve Gibson, Aug 04, 2007 3:50pm PDT Update: id Software has shown us the Rage footage again and this time around we got much better framing and coloring on the footage with a better resolution. We will also be adding about 9-10 minutes of Rage walkthrough footage late tonight on FileShack so keep an eye out for that.

Well here it is, HD footage of Rage from id Software as shown at QuakeCon 2007. You can check out the lower resolution Flash player below but I highly recommend downloading the HD Rage footage from FileShack to get the full visuals.

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  • That rocks. That's quite awesome.
    Not 'Doom3 at Mac World 2000' awesome, but I was expecting that. The technical (and visual) leap was much bigger in Doom3. I always expected Doom3 to maybe be the last big 'wow' we'll have. From there on we'll mostly be seing smaller incrementals enhancements.

    That said this looks foocking great, and I can't wait to have a direct video feed and screenshots. :)

    Also this is great to see id move in a new direction gameplay wise, that'll be interesting to watch it unfold over the next year (years?).

  • This looks really good. The tech demo I saw wasnt in high quality so I was lil worried how it actually looks... after seeing this.. one of the best looking games around. Wont compare it with GeOW, killzone or crysis or anything. The game has its own style and looks really good in its own away. Rite now thing bothering me is that I noticed the AI when in First person is jus coming at u and hitting , ala Doom 3. Well , surely the A,I will hav more depth to it, and this is pretty early stage of the Development cycle and they are maybe still flushing out the A.I more..

    Well after this I cant wait to know some more details on the game, whts the gameplay gonna be like, story etc. My Thumbs up for Id for bring out another gr8 looking game.. also the fact they hav is running simultaneously on all the 4 hardwares with no extra effort. Hats off guys.. :)