Crysis Pushed Back to November

By Chris Remo, Aug 01, 2007 2:36pm PDT According to Electronic Arts executives speaking during the company's latest analyst conference call, Crytek's highly anticipated first-person shooter Crysis has been delayed into the company's upcoming third fiscal quarter, which runs from October to December of this year. EA expects the game to release in early November.

Previously, Crysis was only officially confirmed as releasing in fiscal year 2008. Last month, various sources reported on a fact sheet claiming a September 14 ship date.

Executives also noted that EA Canada's FIFA 08 has been pushed back to the company's third fiscal quarter.

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  • It's funny to think people used to say the delayed Vista launch was causing Crysis to be held back. At the time it always sounded like Crysis was basically finished and just waiting for Vista and DX10 drivers to be sent to retail before it could be released. I guess not. :)

    (First example I found via Google to make sure I wasn't remembering incorrectly: )

    Of course, Vista's delay and the crazy amount of time it took NVidia (and maybe ATI, I haven't been paying attention to them) to get stable desktop drivers, let alone DX10 drivers, will have had an impact on the game. You can't test and tune your stuff until the things it depends on are finished, unless you release now and patch later, but I think the game just wasn't anywhere near done and the Vista delay seemed like a convenient excuse when one wasn't really needed. We know good games take time to get right; we don't really need to be given any reason for a delay other than "it's not ready". Maybe shareholders feel differently, and they're probably easier to lie to.