Boll Reverses Flow, Funds Video Game

Even as Uwe Boll continues on his largely unappreciated quest to bring as many popular game licenses to the silver screen as possible--his latest prize coming in the form of a Far Cry movie, set to finish shooting soon--the man is keeping busy by funding a video game based on his original Vietnam war flick Tunnel Rats.

German developer Replay Studios is heading up the project, which is billed as a first-person shooter using the company's Replay Engine, the same used in its upcoming WWII stealth title Sabotage. According to GameDaily, the game will feature ten levels and dozens of weapons, and will include the likenesses of the cast.

"If this game does well then we'll keep going with other game ideas," said Boll. Tunnel Rats centers around a US combat unit sent to hunt and kill Viet Cong soldiers in the jungles of Vietnam.

"Like the film, it is very dark, violent and dirty, and depicts war as the madness that it is," said Replay Studio director Marc Moehring. "In the end, it's all about survival in a situation where everything you know and believe in goes to hell, and a fight for an impersonal goal becomes a very personal experience, one that changes you forever--if it doesn't kill you.

"Uwe Boll and his crew are providing us with reference material as the movie production progresses and they're making sure the game complements the film, while still leaving us a lot of liberty with the material. Apart from the obvious shooting, the player will also be able to sneak around enemies, disarm traps, engage in up-close melee fights in the tunnels, and experience shooting gallery-style gameplay in firing posts, among other things. The emphasis lies on depicting war as being very brutal, senseless and cruel, rather than it being a mere playground for heroic acts."

The game will launch in conjunction with the movie sometime next year.