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By Steve Gibson, Jul 19, 2007 3:59pm PDT Yes, another new feature showing up in test form is the new download servers on FileShack with support for download managers and new locations. We'll have a technology overview and more info on what we're up to detailed on FileShack in the coming weeks but for now just try it out and see. If you don't have Mercury service, it's available to fuss with on the latest Civ IV Beyond the Sword Demo. So here is this stuff:

Lastly, here comes Nick games!

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  • Wow...so I just played the bigs....WTF? You are all praising this game and honestly, I think it is terrible. Maybe I just like the regular games like MLB2K7....holy crap, this game blows. I dunno what the hell to think about this.... Ugh, The mechanics suck...I like the turbo stuff but that auto home run crap and lost pitches thing....WOW...WOW what a terrible idea, I like having my guy sit there for the beginning seconds of a hit and pretty much always miss the catch...that really thrills me....what happened to the batting? Why did we go back to the button crap? You all had it perfect in MLB2K7 2ksports........this was such a step back....I know its supposed to be arcadey but IMO they didn't do a good job even putting those aspects in. Yeesh, consider me burnt by the shackhype....this one is a downer for sure, I will play this one online for the tournament and give it just that one chance, but other than that, I think this one is going into the games I just didn't like pile.

    Loves me some All-Star Football 2k8 though, this one was a pleasant surprise. I can see this being a blast to play online, this one really has a great feel to me....I guess with them having such a solid game in 2k5 they knew they only needed to tweak SOME stuff lol, cant wait to rock this out with some shackers in a league or otherwise.