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By Steve Gibson, Jul 19, 2007 3:59pm PDT Yes, another new feature showing up in test form is the new download servers on FileShack with support for download managers and new locations. We'll have a technology overview and more info on what we're up to detailed on FileShack in the coming weeks but for now just try it out and see. If you don't have Mercury service, it's available to fuss with on the latest Civ IV Beyond the Sword Demo. So here is this stuff:

Lastly, here comes Nick games!

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  • Today I saw a couple personalized license plates.

    GENTOO and 2SXY44T.

    Also had my first 'accident' as a 'truck driver' (delivering windows). Was more of an equipment failure, the latch holding open the cargo door failed and the door hit someones car. I was backing up, going like 5 miles an hour, but I had to go up on a curb and it was too much for it. Gave his car a couple dings, not really bad but still annoying. It sucked filling out all the paperwork and stuff.

    Also, traffic sucks. Way too many accidents today, along with the summer construction.

  • I acknowledge The Shack really doesn't need anymore Transformers reviews but I'm compelled. It was much better than I had anticipated. I might go as far as to say it was pretty close to awesome.

    I completely expected Indiana Jones' Son to annoy the fuck out of me (like the douche kid from DH4) but he was really good; this gives me hope for Indy 4. I also usually don't take kindly to pandering pop culture references and cheap jokes (like the little hacker deception), but I dug the humor as well. The music was also excellent. I need to look up who composed it because whoever it is knows wtf. And of course the action was phenomenal; it was choreographed really well and felt exceptionally real. The effects were seamless between the bots and the humans.

    A few things I disliked were for how long the movie was, the ending felt really rushed. One moment Transformers are crashing through buildings and then 4 minutes later everything is completely resolved and the credits are scrolling. Also, I understand why Bay filmed it the way he did, but was it REALLY necessary to have every fucking shot of a Transformer from the ground up? Yes, we get it, they're massive etc...but please pull the fucking camera back a bit, I want to be able to make out what the fuck is being smashed.

    Also shaky cams should die. Learn how to shoot an action sequence without it please. I blame Spielberg. Overall very, very solid 8/10 and I just might pick up the DVD which is saying a lot as I almost never go for these fluffy summer flicks.