Sierra to Shut Down Starsiege: Tribes in August, GarageGames to the Rescue?

By Nick Breckon, Jul 19, 2007 2:33pm PDT A recent notice posted on Sierra Entertainment's website lists Dynamix's groundbreaking multiplayer shooter Starsiege: Tribes amongst a list of games set to lose multiplayer functionality as of next month.

The games, which include Papyrus' NASCAR Racing, Field & Stream Trophy Hunting 4, and Field & Stream Trophy Bass 5, will be discontinued on August 16. A full list of the affected titles can be found here.

Cries to preserve the Starsige server have erupted from the waning Tribes community, with devoted fans brainstorming solutions in a message board thread on TribalWar, a news site which once exclusively covered the Tribes series.

Founding GarageGames partner and former Dynamix employee Rick Overman apparently posted this message in response to the outpouring: "How many of you would be interested in GarageGames getting involved? --Rick," indicating that the company may attempt to save the game from obscurity.

When Dynamix was shut down in 2001 by Sierra, several employees founded GarageGames, including Overman, Jeff Tunnell, Tim Gift, and Mark Frohnmayer. The studio has since gone on to create the Torque Game Engine, a modified version of the Tribes 2 engine marketed to independent developers.

Shacknews has contacted GarageGames for comment on the issue, but has not yet received a reply.

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  • I dont care how old some of you think the game is, Its a true trophy classic. A grandaddy title that stands up there with the first Wolfenstein, Quake, or HF CS. It innovated a majority of the features you see in other newer team based titles like Halo or BF. The difference is that no team based FPS even today has the same type of gameplay. The same type of "movment", an engine that really does support fully open landscapes without any hard boundries. The netcode is still supreme compared to modern engines and Its stilll very unique and thats why it never gets old.

    I can play BF2, or Halo, or even the Quake Wars beta and although those games have different types of weapons, armory or tactics, the basic gameplay is the same. Some of you may hate the concept of jump skiing, jetpacks and x y movement but that is why the game is still so fresh no matter how old.