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By Steve Gibson, Jul 09, 2007 6:30pm PDT So then please excuse the bit of calm here today as everyone is scrambling to get ready for E3. As Chris mentioned we'll have guys updating live from all the conferences with 5 of us at the show. Most of the goons arrived in LA today and I'm heading out there tomorrow morning. The plan is to like, do a good job or something. We'll see!

Lastly, nanophone!

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  • Half Life 2 help:
    iv just reinstalled XP and time trying to get a game of HL2DM going, but for some reason its not showing up on the server list and i cant connect to the game using my ip address, it wont even show up on LAN, only way for me to connect it type in 'connect 192.164 blah blah'
    iv disabled windows firewall and iv opened the ports in my router Firewall, still not working any help?

    i did see some message saying TCP/IP not enabled but that would mean i have no internet right? and iv checked that its on in the network settings and its installed and on