Sony Publicly Apologizes For Resistance Snafu

By Chris Faylor, Jul 06, 2007 11:47am PDT Following the Church of England's public uproar over a virtual location in Insomniac Games' PlayStation 3 launch title Resistance: Fall of Man and console manufacturer Sony's private apology, the company has taken out a full-page ad in the Manchester Evening News to publicly apologize.

"It was never our intention to offend anyone in the making of this game, and we would like to apologise unreservedly to them for causing that offence, and to all parts of the community who might also have been offended," wrote Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves, according to

The controversy stemmed from developer Insomniac's use of Manchester Cathedral as the inspiration for a portion of a level in the violent first-person shooter, which is set in 1952 and depicts humanity's defense of Britain against the seemingly alien Chimera. The Church of England alleged that Insomniac and publisher Sony Computer Entertainment failed to secure the proper permissions to virtually recreate the cathedral, and in light of what Manchester bishop Nigel McCulloch described as the community's well known gun problem, demanded Sony support anti-violence campaigns as well as the cathedral's educational department, in addition to apologizing and modifying the offending in-game assets.

"It is clear to us that the connection between the congregation and the cathedral is a deeply personal and spiritual one," Reeves noted. "As a result, it is also clear that we have offended some of the congregation by using the cathedral in our science fiction game."

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  • this is down right retarded. everyone is so politically correct. get a frigging backbone! i agree how many times has the White house been blown up, how many times has the eiffel tower been blown up?
    this is typical zealot-religious individuals within the religious "hierarchy" that continues to protest and profain about "humility" "morals" 'ethics" yet they continue to protect pedophile priests who have their way with little alter boys under the "papel infallibility" which I completely agree. Sony should havent to apologize.
    rant signing off lol.

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    • I'm pretty sure that Manchester Cathedral is Anglican, not papal infallibility isn't really relevant to this issue (since the Queen is technically head of the Church of England)...not that you don't have a point about the Catholic church fucking up on the whole child rape thing (and my understanding is that its an issue in the Anglican church as well...probably other churches I'd imagine...people suck after all...but yeah the Catholic church seems to have a much bigger issue on this and heads should have rolled...I'm saying this as a Catholic...Cardinal Law should be in prison...federal ass fuck prison...and the people who actually carried out the molestations should...well...castration with a meat grinder comes to mind).