More Minigames to the Wii with Furu Furu Park

BOOM widget 47478 Craving another minigame game for the Wii? Majesco has read your mind.

Developers Taito and 505 Games are bringing 30 varied minigames to the Wii with Furu Furu Park, published by Majesco Entertainment. Included in the collection of brief diversions is the classic arcade paddler Arkanoid, as well as a version of Bubble Bobble.

Wii Remote support will be featured heavily. The Safe Cracker minigame will challenge players to rotate the remote left and right as they attempt to crack a combination code, while Super Karate will see controllers used for chops and blocks.

"Whether you're delivering sushi orders, punching asteroids or cracking a safe, all of the Park games are easy to pick up and play, and above all else, great casual fun," said Majesco's Ken Gold.

Frou Frou Furu Furu Park will hit stores his fall. We have a few screenshots for you to peruse in the meantime.