Good Mourning, Nintendo Fans: No Metroid Prime 3 Online, Smash Bros. Not Playable at E3

BOOM widget 114085Bad news regarding highly anticipated Wii titles is hovering above Tuesday like a dark Lakitu.

In a somewhat unsurprising, but still discouraging announcement, Retro Studios CEO Michael Kelbaugh tells GamePro that his studio's upcoming title Metroid Prime 3: Corruption will not feature online multiplayer.

"It's something we talked about early on, but we only have so many resources. We opted to devote those resources to making a better single-player experience," he said.

There is no word on any offline multiplayer mode, although Nintendo's website lists the title as supporting only one player. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is now due to ship on August 27, a week later than originally planned. New screenshots were released yesterday along with news of the delay.

Completing the one-two punch, fans of Nintendo's mascot-filled franchise Smash Bros. will need to wait a little longer for details on the Wii sequel's gameplay. According to Game|Life, Nintendo has confirmed that Super Smash Bros. Brawl will not be playable at the E3 Media & Business Summit next week. Instead, the company will focus on new, unannounced Wii games.

However, Nintendo unveiled a slew of new screenshots to help satiate fans' anticipation of the spastic fighter, which is still slated for a 2007 release. Check out the latest batch, or take a gander at the dozens of past pictures.