Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Jun 28, 2007 5:00pm PDT So I'll just assume you are reading this on your soon to be replaced cell phone as you wait in line for your iPhone. Pretty sure I'll go check one out to see what the fuss is tomorrow with a store right near me.

Lastly, it hurts to be bullied online. Really.

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    need a website done, will pay money!

    ventro has done all my sites until now, and he's a little bitch cause he doesnt have time for small fry like me anymore. so I need a new super awesome website person! its for a friends company, and it's likely going to be a decent sized gig.

    plz shackmsg me with your 'portfolio' and if possible, ideas of prices you'd charge for similar sized sites (aka: say you have 3 sites in your portfolio - what would be your charge for those sites.. not what you actually charged them, but what you would charge me for something similar) so I can get an idea of what you cost too :)

  • So my buddy's xbox 360 died and MS sent out the box for him so he could ship it out for repair. He was using Purolator and as he drops off the package, the lady at the counter brings out 3 more identical boxes that are going to customers.

    "Three more returned xboxes", she says snickering.

    My friend asked if there were a lot of them going through Puro and she said that she sees 3-5 everyday. This is one of the depots in Vancouver.

    The problem he had began after the latest GH2 patch. The game started locking up frequently for about a month, then it happened in a couple other games and then the red circle of death last week.

    /mine's still going strong :(