Super Stardust HD, Dynasty Warriors:GUNDAM Demo Impact PlayStation Store

BOOM widget 114075Sony today updated the PlayStation 3's online PlayStation Store, adding Housemarque's Super Stardust HD (pictured left), a free demo of Omega Force's upcoming slash 'em up Dynasty Warriors:GUNDAM, and the new Grand Theft Auto 4 trailer to its offerings.

Building off Housemarque's 1993 Amiga shooter Stardust and its 1995 followup Super Stardust, Super Stardust HD brings the series into the modern era with high-resolution graphics and new weapons. Players defend the game's five different planets from both oncoming enemies and asteroids, with their best scores uploaded to the online leaderboards for global competition. Offline cooperative play is available for two players as well. Super Stardust sells for $7.99.

The free demo of Dynasty Warriors:GUNDAM allows players to get a taste of the upcoming hack and slash, which combines the rich mythology and characters of Sunrise' Gundam with the gameplay and epic battles of Omega Force's Dynasty Warriors series. Published by Namco Bandai, Dynasty Warriors:GUNDAM is slated to arrive on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this summer. Several screenshots and pieces of character art are also available.