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By Steve Gibson, Jun 27, 2007 5:00pm PDT So then, as is appropriate this is where I say the rumors of my departure have been greatly exaggerated. Amazing how many people thought the Remolution had begun. Nope, you're still stuck with me. You'll actually probably start to see more of my asinine self on the front page again as we're finally wrapping up this relaunch crazyness. Peep this:

Lastly, when you see stuff like this you cant help but think of Ricky Bobby.

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  • Forms... who doesn't love them?

    A customer of mine is getting pinched. He purchased a program from a vendor a decade+ ago that he used for filling out forms for this specific vendor. He could print blank forms and fill them out by hand OR he could fill them out on the computer and they would print out ready to go. This was nice because he could change the date each year and keep everything the same and print out the form and rock and roll \m/.

    The problem is that the program was a very old Win 3.1 16bit monster. It had DLL dependencies and registry entries all over the place. It didn't help that his laptop he installed it on was Windows 95 and slow as hell. I never got a chance to try to extract the program and get it running in a VPC before the laptop bit it in a fire. So RIP old form program, you served them well.

    The new program is going to cost him $80/mo for the exact same functionality. So we said "fuck that" and I set out to learn what is hot and new and sexy in the world of forms these days. I've used Infopath for a few forms but they were never anything that had to be printed. Infopath really does think its forms should be printed and MS wants me to do some convoluted shit to output the data into word. This is a shame because they have a sharepoint server which means easy access to the form and storage of the client data and all of that shit. So I want to use infopath if I could figure out how to design the final printed version in a "real" design program.

    I know a lot of people use Acrobat for forms too. Well, I have all the CS3 shit but I don't have a fucking clue how I would go about designing a form as a PDF and I don't know if it can match the flexibility of the outputed XML that Infopath does.

    Any suggestions? Any infopath gods out there or sites where I can get infopath godlike information?