Jaffe Leaves SCEA to Form New Studio? (Updated)

BOOM widget 114049Update: According to a post made by David Jaffe on the NeoGAF forums, the designer has no plans to leave SCEA or start a studio in Utah. "I can promise you guys I am still part of SCEA...I just got a paycheck from them!" wrote Jaffe. "I am still 100% a Sony employee and unless I got fired today and they didn't tell me, I'm still working for them. Also, I love working with the guys at Incog and hope to work with them for a long, long time but I sure as shit ain't moving to Utah."

1UP followed up on the story, claiming that Jaffe is indeed working with Campbell on the new Utah-based studio, but that Jaffe will remain in San Diego and will work remotely.

Original story: David Jaffe, director of many titles in the acclaimed Twisted Metal series and the creator of God of War (PS2), has left his long-time post at Sony Computer Entertainment of America, according to a story by 1UP. Jaffe is apparently departing the company to form a new studio with Incognito Entertainment president Scott Campbell.

Campbell is presently overseeing production on SCEA's multiplayer action title Warhawk (PS3), which will see release in September. The game is unlikely to be affected by the move. Jaffe was recently involved in the creation of the Incognito downloadable title Calling All Cars (PS3) (pictured above).

The news follows a post on Jaffe's blog featuring pictures of an in-construction office space under the title "Coming Soon." According to 1UP, the new studio will be based out of Utah. Incognito is currently based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

The outspoken developer served as the creative director of SCE Studios Santa Monica. SCEA declined to comment on the move, with a spokesman stating, "We have made no announcements regarding any change in David Jaffe's relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment."