ArmA Expansion Pack Follows Queen's Gambit

European publisher 505 Games has announced the first expansion pack for Bohemia Interactive's realistic combat simulator ArmA: Armed Assault, released in the US as ArmA: Combat Operations.

Titled ArmA: Queen's Gambit and co-developed by Black Element Software, the expansion will add two new story-centric campaigns--Rahmadi Conflict, billed as, "the true conclusion to the original ArmA story" and Royal Flush, set 18 months after the original campaign--as well as two new multiplayer missions--the 40-player Battle of Porto and Urban Assault, a co-op mission maximized for only 6 players.

Queen's Gambit will also bring with it the final 1.08 patch, which will add new weapons, vehicles, characters, gun dealers, a resource management feature, technical tweaks, and the ability for North American players to fight alongside the rest of the international ArmA community.

Along with today's announcement, 505 Games sent along a batch of screenshots showcasing the new areas and missions. nope

ArmA: Queen's Gambit is expected to release in Europe during Q3 2007. Shacknews has contacted Atari for details on a US release.