Disgaea Dev Announces 12 New Games

Japanese developer/publisher Nippon Ichi Software has announced its intention to release a full dozen games between now and March of next year.

Seven of the games will make it to US shores, and while no specific titles were named, the company has stated that it will continue to create within the strategy RPG genre. Nao Zook of NIS America recently told RPGamer that a new Disgaea title is in the works for the Nintendo DS. Nippon Ichi president Kouichi Kitazumi further stated that the company will support the Nintendo Wii and DS in the future, in addition to its usual focus on Sony consoles. Last month NIS America announced four games for the American market in 2007, all of which are set to hit Sony PlayStation platforms.

With so much on the horizon, NIS is projecting big sales. According to RPGFan, the company expects its 2007/08 fiscal year sales to top $18 million in revenue, which amounts to a 23.5% increase on its previous performance.