By Steve Gibson, Jun 17, 2007 11:12pm PDT

So then, anything new this Monday morning for you guys?

As you've probably noticed, we're up to no good again. We hope you enjoy the new stuff. We've replaced the entire Shack codebase from the ground up, so it's been a bit of an undertaking. The good news is that we've replaced 10 years' worth of patch work all at once. This means that we can finally make changes to the site as needed. We plan that based on feedback from you guys we'll be making some changes.

With that in mind, we've replaced hundreds of things. The development cycle for it all started last year and given how small our team is we're sure we missed a few things. If you run in to a bug please contact me via email so it doesnt get lost in the comment shuffle.

This is not nearly everything though. You can check out the Played Podcast recently, where we talk about some of what we're up to along with quite a bit on the history of this place. Also, note that I have the voice of a 12 year old boy.

So then, please dont mind our mess for the next few days while we work out the kinks. We've prepared as best we can with such a small team, but with so much new code and so many visitors... Well, I'm sorry if you have any trouble. If you're really feeling nostalgic, old.shacknews.com is still online for a bit. A little list for what we're still tweaking:

  • News by category body/links clickable without going to onearticle
  • Minor comments browser issues
  • Expand capped thread in IE (just scroll your browser to fix)
  • Storing collapse in comments
  • Search box behavior
  • Blank comments
  • Shackmessage archives
  • Old article/screenshot links
  • Shackreviews listings/sortings
  • More to add here!? Probably!

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  • Input from my GF who heard my bantering about the design change of Shacknews:

    "Looks like a typical everyday magazine page almost like Spiegel Online "

    After looking at old.shacknews.com I only started to notice how cluttered the content is built up, somehow the eye wanders around too much horizontally instead of vertically - was that the idea behind it ? I like the color scheme and generall design, but somehow there is too much stuffed into the layout and the actual news items loose importance and visibility very quickly - although there are more links on the actual page I really miss the visible links in LNC(BUB) too much "Read more" to just scan through during breakfast.

    I know everyone involved worked a long time on the redesign and based on personal experience I congratulate you to the the huge renovation.

    One Q: Why no more "It gets you chicks" ? :-(

  • Pidgin or Gaim or Trillian + IRC users

    Does anyone use any of the combo IMers such as these, and use them for irc as well as say msn, aim, and icq?

    It would be nice just to be able to have irc in the same program, but I have a few questions:

    1) Can I setup perform on connects? Aka auto-joining my usual channels upon connecting to a server?

    2) Can I set it to auto connect to my servers (2 servers) as well? More than one... each with different channels to join.

    3) Would the right-click-to-use-command function still be there? As it is in say. mIRC?

    So if any of you out there use irc in one of these and can answer these, I'd appreciate it! Far as I cold tell, trillian pro offers IRC, but none of those things I need it to do. I'm gonna be installing/reading up on some of these others, but something tells me that if that functionality is there it might not be clearly visible.

    Ps. Public thank you to Naabster for the greasemonkey script that brings up the color tags in your comment box =)

  • Damn, 6911 comments...too many to go through searching for my answer, so here goes my question :

    Is there a way for the site to remember my selected preferences for things like the right-hand side FileShack box? I don't give a crap about the "Hot Files", all I care about are the "New Files", and it's sort of a hassle to have to click the "New Files" tab every time. (Yes I am that lazy).

    Same goes for the "PC News" filtering button on the "Latest Headlines" header. Again, just too lazy to have to click "PC News" every time I visit the page.

    Love the design though. Clean. Sometimes a little too much info on the page, but I understand the trade-offs. Keep up the great work!