Tomb Raider Anniversary May Appear Episodically on XBLA

Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Crystal Dynamics' well-received revamped take on Core Design's original hit action/adventure game Tomb Raider, may be coming to Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade as a series of individually downloadable episodes. The official website of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, which lists content-rated games set for release in North America and which often reveals the existence of officially unannounced games, lists five distinct Tomb Raider: Anniversary products, all with Xbox 360 as their target platform. They are subtitled Peru, Lost City, Greece, Egypt, and Croft Manor--the major locations that form Anniversary's campaign. There is no indication on the ESRB's site as to whether the five games would be released sequentially or simultaneously.

Publisher Eidos released Tomb Raider: Anniversary for PlayStation 2 and PC this week, and plans to follow up with Wii and PSP releases later this month. The game has not been officially announced for any other platforms.

Shacknews has contacted Eidos representatives for comment on the matter.