Legendary and Ex-Massive Execs Raise $400M, Plan Brash Games

BOOM widget 113912Earlier this year, Brash Entertainment was hoping to raise $150 million. Now, having acquired upwards of $400 million, more than double its initial goal, the company has revealed the details on its in-development titles and distribution partner.

In all, the company has 12 licensed titles in production and 40 more in the works, with plans to develop games set in multiple genres across consoles and mobile devices. Games based off Lionsgate's horror series Saw and Legendary Picture's pseudo-historical epic 300 are said to be in development. The first 300 game, the Collision Studios-developed and Warner Bros.-published 300: March to Glory (PSP), released alongside writer and director Zach Snyder's film earlier this year and received a lukewarm reception from critics. Brash expects the first of its games to release this holiday season.

Warner Bros. will handle the distribution of Brash's games, a service Warner also provides for Codemasters and Eidos. Brash will outsource development duties to studios across the world, with a goal of becoming one of the biggest game companies in the world.

Brash Entertainment was founded by former in-game advertising firm Massive executives Mitch Davis (pictured left) and Nicholas Longano, as well as Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull and his business partner Bert Ellis. Davis acts as the company's CEO, with former literary and talent agency Creative Artists Agency creator and co-head Larry Shapiro on board as Brash's chief creative officer. The company will specialize in licensed games and co-marketed movies, but may explore original properties in the future. According to Ellis, developing games around licensed tie-ins is "the safest, most lucrative way to sell a video game."

"We're taking a new creative approach, working with some of the best Hollywood and videogame talent," Davis told Variety. "What we've seen thanks to Larry and Thomas is that a lot of folks in the entertainment community are excited and sophisticated about the opportunities in video games."

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