Educational Civilization 3 Mod Donated to Canadian High Schools

BOOM widget 113909 Publisher 2K and Toronto-based media company Bitcasters have finished work on HistoriCanada: The New World, a mod for the Firaxis Games-developed Sid Meier's Civilization III that focuses on key situations and scenarios of Canada's history. With the game now complete after two years in development, 2K will be donating copies of both Sid Meier's Civilization III and HistoriCanada: The New World to 100,000 Canadian high school students, along with a demo of Firaxis Games' Sid Meier's Civilization IV.

Created with the assistance of multiple scholars, HistoriCanada: The New World puts players in charge of an early Canada-based European or Aboriginal civilization, where they control everything from the planting of crops to declarations of war. Across the following 400 in-game years, players interact with up to 17 different civilizations, ranging from First Nation tribes and European powers to English and French colonies, and become intimately familiar with key moments of Canadian history in the process.

"2K is proud to be a part of the development and donation of HistoriCanada: The New World, which will provide students across Canada with access to an unprecedented educational experience," explained 2K President Christoph Hartmann. "In addition to learning about their history through simulation scenarios, students can look at original artwork, watch vignettes and read articles about hundreds of topics thanks to the involvement of The Canadian Encyclopedia and Historica Minutes."

"HistoriCanada: The New World will provide a unique opportunity for students to totally immerse themselves in Canada's deep history," HistoriCanada co-creator and Bitcasters CEO Nathon Gunn said. "This groundbreaking computer game will increase students' national pride and give them an entirely new outlook on their country."