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By Maarten Goldstein, May 22, 2007 8:24am PDT Still haven't seen Spider-Man 3, but I will make an effort to hit a theater for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End tomorrow. That series is just a lot of fun.

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  • BB Tanks 1.2 - new release for this online turn-based strategy game.

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  • So late last night I finally got around to watching the season finale of The Unit. Not really a great show, but I dig it. I think it has great potential. Anyway, it seems like the season finale is a huge turn for the show. It used to be kind of a Mission Impossible, but with the military. Now it's kind of The Shield except with the military and probably the best part heading into the next season is that the new Vic Mackey is Dennis Haysbert - aka David Palmer. He fled an investigation into suspected criminal acts and now the CIA is sending Scott Foley out to catch and capture him. So much potential going. This show's got Eric Haney's experience (the show is based on his book, but he also writes some of the episodes), David Mamet (motherfucking Ronin), and Shawn Ryan (The Shield). It's also got David Palmer and the T-1000 as a badass army guy. How can this show not be fucking awesome? Yet.. some of the episodes are kinda lackluster. I don't know.

    Season finale was an A though.
    Anybody else watch this show?
    I really miss Mission: Impossible. And I'm not talking that Tom Cruise bullshit. Fuck him. He ruined it.

  • re:
    So I just finally watched Pitch Black, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't found it to be exceptional as many people say (not sure why..), but enjoyable.

    I was kinda spoiled by Chronicles for two things though:
    the boy was a girl , and Riddick isn't really a bad guy (in Chronicles); which probably kinda remove some of the tension of the movie.

    Good production though, great visuals and atmosphere (especially in the beginning during the 'day' part), and good female castings. :) Radha Mitchell (which I discovered/loved in Silent Hill) and Claudia Black (plain great in SG1).

    My biggest grip though is that I didn't really find any tension throughout the whole story.. Except toward the end when Riddick fights the thing by staying in its blind angle No real surprise either though it was kinda cool to have Carolyn die.
    Will watch again.