Into the Pixel 2007 Exhibit Taking Submissions

It has been known for several weeks that the annual video game artwork exhibit Into the Pixel would be returning for another round, and this week the show's organizers announced that they are currently accepting submissions for the 2007 collection. Video game artists may send in their work for consideration via the organization's official site. Pieces must be concept, character, or environmental artwork from games that have been published or are confirmed for publishing. Marketing-related or promotional artwork is not accepted, and the artwork must have been created by developers working on the game in question. Submissions will be accepted until May 4, 2007.

Pictured at left is artwork by Eduardo Gonzalez from SCE Santa Monica's God of War (PS2), featured in last year's exhibit. More selections from Into the Pixel 2006 are available in the linked gallery.

This year's pieces will be chosen by a nine-member jury made up of figures from the gaming and fine art worlds, including Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor, prolific game concept artist Craig Mullins, Monolith founder and HDFILMS president Jason Hall, Getty Research Institute curator Louis Marchesano, and Los Angeles County Museum of Art curator Kevin Salatino.

"The constant cross-pollination between the entertainment world and the art world cannot be ignored. Understanding and explaining where one stops and the other begins is where the real difficulty lies, though why, ultimately, does it matter?" commented Salatino. "I predict that as more and more artistic talent is absorbed into the game world, the cross-flow from discipline to discipline will become ever more invasive and imperceptible."

This year's Into the Pixel exhibit will premiere at the newly scaled down E3 Business & Media Summit to be held in Santa Monica, California from July 11-13, 2007. It will later be shown to the public during IDG's E for All consumer-level event scheduled to be held in Los Angeles, California from October 18-21.