Eve of Destruction 2 v0.1 Released

By Steve Gibson, Apr 07, 2007 6:16pm PDT

The first release of the Eve of Destruction for Battlefield 2 mod is available. You can download Eve of Destruction 2 v0.1 from FileShack.

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  • OMG, I loved this mod in its hey day.

    I discovered and exploited so many bugs at the expense of others.

    1) The frontal armor of the BTR in early versions was impenetrable. I was able to take dozens of LAW hits without damage and this emboldened me to ram M113's with it and kill them without taking damage. It was awesome in CTF matches. The BTR could also climb steep cliffs with enough velocity and so I was able to take it places like behind the US base around the edge of this one map that was like a box canyon.

    2) Driving M113's into CH-47 cargo hold would make helicopters fly sluggish and it crash and the pilot would be "WTF?" and/or people make fun of him for being a noob.

    There was this other bug I played with in Desert Combat but that'll be for another time.