Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Pre-order Information

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 24, 2007 4:25am PDT Activision sends along the latest information about the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars pre-order program, announcing that GameStop will start taking pre-orders March 26th and Best Buy will do the same April 12th. Here's what you get for reserving
- Advance Username Registration: Get an exclusive keycode to reserve your preferred username now.
- Collector's Cards: Receive the first 2 cards in a set of 12, each featuring a different Strogg or GDF vehicle or deployable with game facts and tips. The remaining 10 cards will only be available in the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Limited Collector's Edition.
- Poster: There are two posters in all, with each retail location offering one exclusive poster each.

As for the Limited Collector's Edition mentioned above, here's what it will contain.

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Limited Collector's Edition features premium packaging with a slipcase, as well as ten collectorÂ’s cards, available only through the Limited CollectorÂ’s Edition offer. In addition to the premium packaging and collectible cards, fans will receive a bonus DVD, complete with concept art and other cool stuff for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars' biggest fans.

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  • Cue the whining as usual. As far as Collector's editions, I never buy em. All they ever give you is a bunch of junk and a little tin case to keep pot (or whatever) in. Maybe a little figurine to embarrass your gf/wife when her friends come by. Name registration is kind of silly IMO - the gaming equivalent to vanity plates.

    As far as the game, I don't see how you can't be excited about it if you're into the genre/gametype. If it has half the "soul" of Wolf ET (released for FREE and still played quite a bit) I'll be satisfied. I'll probably preorder, but haven't decided yet. I usually wait for the "gold" announcement.