Source Licensed for Upcoming Fantasy Action Game

Valve along with Korean developer and publisher Nexon today announced that Nexon has licensed the Source engine for use in an upcoming PC game. No details were revealed about the game, beyond that it is a "fantasy based, third-person action title."

"We evaluated all the engine technologies available for licensing and Source was our best choice," said producer Dong-gun Kim. "With support for integrated network-physics, high-end visuals, and constant adoption of new features, Source is both the most flexible as well as the most robust technology set available today."

Nexon is best known as the developer of Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds, one of the first graphical MMOs; it originally launched in 1996 and was brought to North America in 1998. The company has stated its intention to stake a larger claim in the Western market, and has established a North American game studio and publisher. Last year, Alex Garden, co-founder of Homeworld and and Warhammer 40:000 Dawn of War developer Relic Entertainment, joined Nexus to head up its North American division.

Suggesting that Nexon's Source project will have a strong online component--which would come as little surprise given the company's heritage--Valve president co-founder Gabe Newell stated, "We look forward to working closely with NEXON to supply them with the tools and technology needed to create a working base for creating top-notch games that will be recognized as world-class online offerings."