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By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 04, 2007 2:51pm PST Looks like I've managed to avoid a jetlag this time around. Woo.

I'm eBaying a bunch of 360 games that I finished or just don't care to play anymore, I guess now I need something new to play though. Why can't I like Crackdown like every one else.

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  • So I just came back from a late screening of Zodiac and I really enjoyed it, I found it totally engrossing. Though what struck me most were the reactions of most of the people around me after it was over, overhearing some girl say "It wasn't even scary." Given the trailer I can't really blame her for expecting something else; it really played it up as some kind of edge-of-your-seat thriller where the power would go out and the characters would get picked off one by one with a machete. It felt like the scene with Graysmith in the basement getting all tense about someone else possibly being the house was made just so they could put it in the trailer. Though I guess in their defense it would be hard to build a good marketing campaign for a movie about a serial killer around bunch of talking heads. Though there are some very tense scenes, if you haven't seen it yet you should probably go into it thinking it'll be more akin to All the President's Men, except people get shot or stabbed once in a while, you'll probably like it.