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By Steve Gibson, Feb 13, 2007 6:00pm PST I'm a bit of an RTS slut and am quite eager for the new C&C 3 demo that will be on FileShack next Tuesday. Hopefully it is not suck. I had a good amount of fun with Generals but not much from the C&C franchise since the original. Red Alert was well done but for some reason didnt grab me like it did most. Oh and that plot line O_o

- AT&T doesnt like free long distance
- GPS sneaker
- Please sue telemarketer commies
- iPhone competitors
- Online dating will kill you
- Teacher + porn

Lastly, USA! USA!

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  • Music Post:

    Been listening to Type O Negatives "Dead Again" (Promo Copy) and I have to say that I love it. I received it yesterday and I have not stopped listening to it since. Type O is one of the few bands that I really get excited about when they release new stuff (last album was "Life is Killing Me" (2003)) and as always they really knocked it out of the park with this one.....I mean, the sound they have is just pure awesome, and with Peter's vocals....it's just hauntingly good.

    If I had to pick which was my favorite track (which I couldn't), it would be between "She Burned Me Down" and "Tripping a Blind Man."

    Gah, i hope I am able to catch them in concert this year, last time I saw them in 2004 it was an incredible show.