Derek Smart Goes Episodic

Having established a presence in the brave new world of episodic adventure games with its investment in Telltale's Sam & Max games, online subscription-based gaming service GameTap is looking to bring the episodic model to other PC genres. Today, the company announced an episodic development deal with 3000AD, the developer headed up by long time industry figure Derek Smart, remembered most famously for his Battlecruiser games.

Smart's new effort is Galactic Command -- Echo Squad, a four-episode space-set shooter series to be released on a monthly basis. Each episode will consist of sixteen missions as well as multiple possible endings, and will also include sixteen-player online deathmatch, team deathmatch, and cooperative play.

"Thanks to GameTap and its commitment to episodic games, we now have a great opportunity for Galactic Command to reach a larger audience," said Smart, known as a vigorous internet poster. "We're excited to be on board with a company that has a clear vision for broadening the PC gaming market."

Galactic Command will join the GameTap Originals program, of which Sam & Max is also a part. "The addition of Galactic Command -- Echo Squad to GameTap's growing library of new and original games further proves our commitment to offering subscribers content they can't get anywhere else," said content VP Ricardo Sanchez. "We are pleased to be partnering with 3000AD, and feel this partnership strengthens our role as a leader in both episodic gaming and the broadband entertainment market."

Galactic Command -- Echo Squad is set to begin for GameTap users this spring. No non-GameTap release was discussed in today's announcement.