Microsoft CES Keynote Live Coverage

Our Microsoft CES keynote coverage got started a little late due to some technical difficulties, but we're here for the part you guys care about: Windows gaming and Xbox 360. Just keep refreshing the live blog feed for the latest updates.

...and it's over. No major news, but Microsoft did give some more details on Xbox 360's upcoming IPTV functionality, as well as stating that the system's game library will reach 300 titles (presumably between retail and Live Arcade) by the end of 2007. Xbox Live is currently at 5 million users (presumably between Silver and Gold memberships).

One interesting point is that a Microsoft exec seemed to imply that Halo 2 on Vista would be compatible with the console version of the game. Considering the company has indicated otherwise in the past, this may have been an unintentional statement.

Finally, it appears that the Xbox 360 hit Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved will be making it to Vista at some point.