Evening Reading

by Steve Gibson, Dec 20, 2006 6:00pm PST
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Is it hump day already? rad.

- Lots of people betting on WiMax - Mad cash in Second Life - Robots being awesome - Sony settles rootkit case - Bungee backpacks
Lastly, its not your fault.. its the bacteria in your gut! But hey you can sue airlines

  • So I need help. I reset my wireless router last night (D-Link DI-524 Revision C1) and now it won't ping my DSL router for its IP address. It stays as and constantly says connecting and disconnecting. I know the wires are properly set up since it worked before I reset it and my password and username is as well. However, after dealing with useless D-Link tech support puppets nothing worked. Not sure what to do here, I've played around with the router's settings and I connect to the internet fine when my DSL is connected directly to my computer and connects through PPPoE. I'm pretty sure there is some sort of conflict with my DSL router that won't allow it to be pinged. Why I have no idea...

    All this because I wanted my Wii to work properly for that damn Forecast Channel!!!