Invest In 4D Rulers

The website of Gore developer 4D Rulers has been updated, mentioning that the company is "on the brink of destruction or turning into a gold mine". Currently working on a free, ad-supported, multiplayer game, 4D Rulers is looking for individual investors to fund development of the project. The minimum they're hoping to raise for the next six months is $40,000.

This plan eliminates the publisher and gives us the creative freedom again, that made a great game like Gore in the first place. We deserve one last chance to pull this company out of the gutter! We've seen some very hard times, and deserve to make it. One last chance to take 10 years of experience, and make a winner! One more shot at hitting the big times. And without a publisher calling the shots, and taking all the proceeds, we can do this. If the online free version doesn't work out, (I don't see how it can fail, each ad pays huge) we can always take the game to retail channels and sell it. But I know it will work. There is no way we won't make back 40k. I'm willing to pay back up to 150% your investment, so if you invest 100 dollars, you will get back up to 150 dollars. I've already raised nearly 7k the first day, but we need more to make it happen. Any amount can be invested too, but try to make it at least 50 dollars.