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By Steve Gibson, Dec 19, 2006 6:00pm PST So we had a little sillyness with the mail server today. We're pretty sure we didnt lose any but the thing is you cant ever really be certain. So like, if one of us won the international lottery and we just need to move that cash through some banks in Nigeria drop us a line. We'll of course cover the wire fees and deposits required.

- Skype about to start charging
- Here come the dual format BR/HDDVD players
- MS hosing small business owners
- How stars get hitched (nerd alert)
- Flying underwater is hot

Lastly, poor OJ.. kill a couple of people and they just never stop bugging you with legal stuff.

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  • So anyway, i just got my gamecube component cables and have been checking out all my old gamecube games for comparison. Ive got a 48 inch mitsubishi HD widescreen and the games that support progressive mode are much clearer and vibrant as expected.

    However, the most interesting part was when i loaded up soul caliber 2 and checked out the link there compared to the current link in TP. I was actually suprised to find that the TP link is much more detailed and much more 3d than the Soul Caliber link. For example, links chest strap clearly exists in a 3d space off of his tunic in TP, whereas in Soul Caliber 2 it is simply tied to the tunic mesh.

    Anyway, i just found this interesting since SC2 was considered such a graphical treat back in the day. I merely mention this since some have complained about the graphics, which i really find to be superb for what they are, and end of life gamecube game.