First Post!

by Maarten Goldstein, Dec 14, 2006 7:02am PST

Oh hello, I didn't see you there. I was too busy playing with my newly acquired Wii. So far I've only played Wii Sports, but after this I'll go pick up a retail game or two. Real happy with the fact that 480i is looking quite acceptable on my DLP HDTV, as I haven't been able to find component cables anywhere yet. Also on FileShack

  • Armed Assault's New Flight Model & NaturalPoint's TrackClipPro

    I took some footage of the as-yet-unreleased-but-should-be-out-soon improved helo flight model from the German/Czech release of Armed Assault, along with a look at the new TrackIR "TrackClipPro" peripheral. They're both pretty awesome. The helo FM is much better than the OFP one, and it's significantly improved over the current ArmA helo FM. It takes some of the things I loved about the BF2 helos like the ability to invert (roll/loop), a better sense of inertia, and then further distinguishes the difference between light helos like the Littlebird and heavier/bulkier ones like the Hip and Blackhawk. It's a very significant improvement, and it's a joy to fly with.

    As to the TrackClipPro, it's something anyone who is considering picking up a TrackIR, or already has one, should think about getting. I love it - it's much easier to have the TrackClipPro attached to your headphones, versus having to put on the TrackHat whenever you want to play a TrackIR supported game.

    If you're interested in the footage, you can download the full-res video here:

    Or check out the Google Video one here:

    Oh, and the US/UK release of ArmA should be happening in February. ShackTac will be migrating to it at around that time.