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By Steve Gibson, Dec 12, 2006 6:00pm PST I'm pretty sure I'd like the Titan Quest expansion already. I had much more fun with that game than I had anticipated trying out different character builds etc. I'd like you guys to consider these:

- The cyberwar is coming!
- Even a 'small' nuke war could change the world? Who knew?
- Drink up!
- WiFi is killing you
- China loves gamers

Lastly, broadband is apparently popular in America. (more)

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  • I'll likely post about this later, but so far I'm enjoying the Uru: Live beta quite a bit. The first puzzle I had to solve was a good warm-up. It's along the lines of solving things in Zelda rather than what you'd be used to in existing Myst games where you have to randomly click on shit until something happens. The graphics and environments are beautiful for MMO standards and there's some nice character customization.

    I've only encountered a couple times where I had to quit or crashed to desktop in the four hours or so I played and no noticible lag. Rather a surprisingly good beta experience so far. I really hope that more people sign up so that they'll stick with their plan of regular content drops and show a profit on all the hard work they put into making Uru: Live come to life.