Holla at PSP

By Steve Gibson, Dec 12, 2006 9:29am PST

Many people probably recall that a while back Sony hired a bunch of people to bust out some areas with graffiti in a strange way of trying to promote the PSP. Now they are getting in to really awful rap videos and submitting them to YouTube along with odd websites claiming to be something other than advertisements.

This website is set up as a PSP fansite where the marketers with Sony’s approval pretend to be kids that want a PSP and posted a rap video titled “All I Want for X-mas Is A PSP” to go along with the following LIES: “here’s the deal::: i (charlie) have a psp. my friend jeremy does not. but he wants one this year for xmas. [snip]
We all know 'viral' marketing is hot these days with silly stuff like shills in forums and game reviews on websites combined with ad buys claiming to be impartial. There arent really many surprises left. As long as its legal or close to it with some strange twisted idea of the law companies will do it to make money. Congrats to Sony for their ongoing efforts to think outside the box and grab mindshare with those prosumers!

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  • Actually, I got to thinking about this - they're trying very desperately to appeal to the hip crowd that, for some reason, Microsoft locked onto with Xbox.

    Xbox has wound up being the console with the hip 18-24 year olds. It got there by tying in with MTV, Sprite and Snoop Dogg every time there was some sort of ESPN2 X-Games Extreme Snowboarding thing to sponsor. It wound up being the "hip" console.

    Now Sony is trying desperately to make the PSP the "hip" handheld. The one way they might be able to finagle a small hold on this would be if they could parlay the perception that Nintendo is the handheld for kiddie games. But ironically, the DS is holding on to the top spot for the same reason the PS2 had 70% of the sixth generation market - hip or not it had all the good games. DS could be hot pink (actually, it is pink in some territories) and it will still win since it has the good games.

    Sony either needs to get a LOT of better games on the PSP, games that play to the strengths of a handheld and are not trying to be PS2 games, or just give up on it. If they're not careful they'll never cement a lead with the PS3 like they did with PS2.