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By Steve Gibson, Dec 11, 2006 6:00pm PST So after nearly giving up on ever bulking up my tiny frame I've found my way to 190lbs at 6'3". It's taken actually years to put that weight on as I simply just have never had much of an appetite. All the working out in the world doesnt help much if you just dont consume the calories. Perhaps by the time I'm 40 I can hit my long term goal of 200lbs. Then we'll open beefcakeshack. GRRRR!

- e-gold users naughty
- NASA is hot
- Nessy found
- When on the run from cops, perhaps dont check your MySpace
- Grab FireFox 3 alpha if you're sassy

Lastly, EPA is finally doing something about the incredibly off MPG ratings on cars in the US. Oh and Nissan will get greener

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    At work the damn computer is always losing the connection to my network drives and programs runnig through the LAN like the AS400 stuff etc.

    I tried to switch lan cables and that did not work and I even switched to another plug in the wall to no avail.

    The IT department just wants me to come with my laptop to them and leave it there which I have to intention to do as that will take a few days.

    Any ideas from you guys? There are a lot of settings which I see here that I can try and I think I have tried everything.

    I hate resyncing everything every 20 minutes or so...

    Any ideas?