Supreme Commander Preview

By Maarten Goldstein, Dec 10, 2006 2:07pm PST has posted the latest Supreme Commander preview, offering impressions based on playing the beta.

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  • After reading post #1 I was thinking, how could you change RTS Multiplayer??

    Since the maps can be so big, and there's already a system for the single player that you play on a small map, and the map just gets bigger.

    They should have a tourny thing setup option,

    1) that you play 1v1, or 3 way fight... on small map,
    2) having won that, the map you keep your base
    3) Now you play on a bigger map against 4 or so guys that also won their 1v1 or 3-way fights...
    4) Having won THAT.. still keep your base(bases) 1v1 on a huge freakin map..against another player that also went through the same system.