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By Maarten Goldstein, Dec 08, 2006 3:56am PST The Wii did indeed sell out everywhere around here, though every store only got a handful of units with all of them spoken for due to pre-orders. Oh well, hopefully in a few weeks.

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  • God, wow. My friend said we were going to the club to meet this hot British girl and her friends. WOW, such a disassater.

    The chick he went to meet was "okay" and she was the hottest. 4 other British girls and they were all ugly as hell, and I'm being generous. Like 3 were just "ugly" and the 4th then turned into "fat and horribly disfigured." I don't care what religion you believe, but either God said that all girls from the UK have to smited and ugly as sin, or evolution just made UK girls uglier and uglier as time goes went on.

    But the night turned out well because Jim Bean was there giving out free whiskey and then I met some Polish friends of mine and they are daamn fine. Polish girls are who you want!!!