Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Dec 07, 2006 7:30pm PST I'm what they call man candy. Whatup ladies?

- Financial advisors lick balls
- Intel busts out WiMax
- Anyone think Zune will catch up?
- Open XML is coming for you

Lastly, some video game gifts for all you uppity bitches.

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  • just got my Wii. Now I've got to work. Suxx. I think I'm leaving early today :D

    But no component cables around. NOWHERE! It seems they have been delayed to 12/18 :<

    Launch itself was easy. I didn't preorder so I went to the biggest electronics store. It was supposed to open at 9:30 am but they were already open when I arrived. Those fuckers. Luckily they seemed to have gotten a huge chunk. at least 300-500. Sweet. Got the Wii + Zelda + Rayman. Nunchucks were sold out, the Wiimote was overpriced.

    I hope 480i over composite doesn't suck too bad on my LCD :/