Rogue Warrior Announced

Bethesda sends along this press release, officially announcing the development of Rogue Warrior, an Unreal Engine 3 powered tactical first person shooter for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The game is based on a best-selling book series by Dick Marcinko, a former U.S. Navy SEAL. As such, you play as Marcinko in the game, leading a SEAL unit into North Korean territory. Development of Rogue Warrior will be handled by Zombie Studios, the company behind clunkers like Shadow Ops: Red Mercury, Delta Force: Task Force Dagger and the Spec Ops series. Three screenshots can be found here.
"Rogue Warrior is the game weÂ’ve been waiting to make for years," said Mark Long, lead producer at Zombie Studios. "We're using terrific technology in a way that's different from other games - we have a unique HUD and control system for your teammates, on-the-fly co-op play, and we've really focused our efforts on making multiplayer more fun and challenging by giving you lots of modes and hundreds of maps you can see and play. We're thrilled to be working with Bethesda on this new initiative using a brand we know and love." In Rogue Warrior, you play Dick Marcinko, leader of an elite SEAL unit trapped behind enemy lines in North Korea on a covert mission to assess the threat posed by North KoreaÂ’s nuclear arsenal. When war breaks out between North and South Korea, you must try to lead your team back into South Korea while greatly outnumbered and with no support and limited resupply. Your journey will take you through a variety of never-before-seen environments inside of North Korea, including submarine pens, shipbreaker yards, prison camps, and more.

IGN has a preview of the game, and also a Q&A on the game's multiplayer features.