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By Chris Remo, Aug 28, 2006 9:40am PDT You may recall an extensive look at tactical gaming from Shacker dslyecxi, who was sure to note at the end of his first work that despite the document's length there were various subjects left unaddressed. One such subject was apparently an Unreal Tournament mod called Infiltration, which he had yet to play. Dslyecxi has now released a followup article dedicated entirely to that mod, going into its substantial weapons selection and customization options and tactical gameplay features.
The surprising thing is the degree to which the animations have been done. Pick up a 1911, for instance, and you'll find a perfect example of the typically exceptional attention to detail displayed throughout the mod. If you empty the magazine and have the slide lock back, upon holstering it you'll see that your character releases the slide before holstering it - just like anyone would do in reality, since you don't holster a slidelocked pistol. It gets better than that, however - draw the pistol once more and the slide will be forward on an empty chamber and empty magazine. Pull the trigger and the hammer will drop on the empty chamber, after which your character's thumb will cock it back again. Reload at this point and your character will drop the empty magazine, insert a new one, and then manually pull the slide to the rear before releasing it to chamber a new round. That Infiltration has dedicated animations for something like this, when almost as a rule all other games miss such details, is once again testament to the incredible attention to detail displayed by the team.

As in the prior tactical gaming effort, the article is illustrated with plenty of screenshots and videos.

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  • As a 3rd party dev for INF, I can say that the article written by Dslyecxi gives a very good overview of this mod. It gives not only an overview of the base mod itself that exists now for over 7 years, but also of community add-ons that have played a large role in making what INF has become.

    Infiltration is, in my mind, one of the best tactical shooter I've seen. Its flexibility is one of its unique features that have been, sadly, very poorly explored by mappers up to now. The gametype created with the game were supposed to give mapper almost total freedom for objective creation. Only a few mappers really took advantage of this freedom and forgot that in a game like INF it takes more than a "good map" to make a good map.

    Despite this, I still think it's one of the best kept secrets of tactical gaming. Although many of us wandered away towards games like America's Army, OFP, Ghost Recon and others, we all come back to INF at some point, to a game so good in the opinion of some of us that we even forget about the 7 year old UT graphics.

    On a side note, due to technical difficulties, the INF home page is not working at this time, but you can drop by the forums on
    There you'll find pointers to download and help from veterans.