More On The Battlefield 2 1.4 Patch

The Battlefield 2 1.4 patch has been in beta for quite a while now, and there was a possiblity it would be released this week. However, that's no longer the case according to this statement sent out by EA

As many of you are now aware we have made the choice to take some extra time with the 1.4 patch before release. During our standard final processing of the 1.4 client update we came across an issue that, although it does not compromise stability, we felt needed to be addressed in order to meet our goal of improving the overall player experience with Battlefield 2. It has come to our attention that a beta version of the 1.4 client has leaked to the general public. It should be noted by players that this file is not final and being such could cause damage to players systems. We want to warn players to avoid the use of any client files that are not distributed by EA/DICE or one of our trusted partners. Once we have set a new schedule for release we will communicate this information to everyone.