Quake 4 1.3 Patch Content Preview

Ritualistic and PlanetQuake4.net both have previews of the upcoming Quake 4 1.3 patch, revealing that Ritual Entertainment has created new maps and two new game modes for Raven's shooter. One new game mode is DeadZone, where the players have to hold zones in a map to earn points. The other is a gameplay modifier called Item Buying, which adds a buy menu similar to what you see in Counter-Strike. Ritualistic's article also offers a description of 5 new maps being included with the patch.

(DeadZone) is a completely new gametype in Quake 4, based on holding key areas of the map called "DeadZones" to gain points. In order to do this, players must pick up DeadZone powerups from around the map, and then take them into the areas marked with a transparent scrolling border. Like all powerups in the game, the DeadZone powerup wears out with time, so as a team players must continually bring powerups into the zones in order to hold them. If more than one player on a team brings in powerup, the hold on the zone is stronger, with points accumulating twice as fast. If a player from both team enters a zone with a powerup, the two cancel each other out. In short, DeadZone is a new mode that relies on good teamwork to succeed.